Fall Creek Place has one of the most complete investments of public garden infrastructure in the city.  This "garden district" includes obvious large-scale elements like our gateway monuments and public parks, but also includes our unique planted "bump-outs" along our major streets as well as the decorative paving at many pedestrian intersections.  It is up to neighborhood residents to maintain these unique elements that help define our neighborhood's character. 

Committee Chairperson: Kenneth Hall
Committee Contact: fallcreekplace@gmail.com
HOA Park and Gateways Maintenance: TrueNorth Landscaping


The Adopt-A-Block program empowers neighbors to bring beautification and neighborhood revitalization down to the smallest unit, the block.Neighbors keep their block clean of litter on an on-going basis, and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful provides them with tools and resources to help in their efforts.

Adopt-A-Block energizes new neighborhood volunteers to participate in community activities.Street by street, neighbors inspire each other by setting an example of environmental and community stewardship and dramatically improving their quality of life.

Adopt-A-Block builds capacity for neighborhoods to create vital, beautiful green spaces. Neighborhoods with high Adopt-A-Block participation are leaders in developing pocket parks, community tree plantings and vibrant green space projects throughout the city.

  • Bring your neighbors together – young and old – to set goals, share the work for beautifying your block and being together.
  • Gain the cooperation of your neighbors to keep your block clean, whether that means daily pick up, a weekly cleanup or a monthly effort.
  • Let your neighbors know about the resources available for your block through Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.  From free trainings to trees, we are here to help!
  • Talk to residents about what you are doing when you are out cleaning your block. See if you can recruit new block coordinators on other streets in your neighborhood in order to expand your impact. Work with new block coordinators to create a larger vision for green space projects.  

How to Join

Sign up at www.kibi.org/adopt-a-block or contact Heather at maintenance.fcp@gmail.com.  If each block captain can empower the residents on their block to keep the curbs, drains and alleys clear of organic debris and garbage we will be able to have a beautiful neighborhood year-round.  Let’s take accountability for the area surrounding our home and any of our neighbors that are having a hard time getting outdoors to show our pride in our homes and our neighborhood.  Thank you so much to our current block captains and I hope to see some more resident’s names on the map.

Adoption List

Pennsylvania Street

  • 2200: Nathan Smurdon
  • 2300: Available for Adoption
  • 2400: Available for Adoption
  • 2500: Nissa Watkinson

Talbott Street

  • 2200: Ryan Hart
  • 2300: Greg Lorenz
  • 2400: Mary Sims
  • 2500: Available for Adoption

Delaware Street

  • 2200: Brian Carter
  • 2300: Tara Feeney
  • 2400: Available for Adoption
  • 2500: Mary Hoeller
  • Bridge: Available for Adoption

Alabama Street

  • 2200: Laura Rice
  • 2300: Available for Adoption
  • 2400: Crystal Grave
  • 2500: Kevin Wiley

New Jersey Street

  • 2200: Available for Adoption
  • 2300: Available for Adoption
  • 2400: Christie Mock
  • 2500: Nathan LaGrange

Central Avenue

  • 2200: Kate Brumbaugh
  • 2300: Chad Walker
  • 2400: Christie Mock
  • 2500: Nathan LaGrange
  • 2600: Available for Adoption
  • Bridge: Available for Adoption

Park Avenue

  • 2200: Available for Adoption
  • 2300: Laura Lowe
  • 2400: Kara Hieser
  • 2500: Available for Adoption

Broadway Street

  • 2200: Heather Roemer
  • 2300: Sarah Johanson
  • 2400: Heather Dilley
  • 2500: Available for Adoption

College Avenue

  • 2200: Available for Adoption
  • 2300: Beth Becker
  • 2400: Available for Adoption
  • 2500: Available for Adoption 
  • 2600: Available for Adoption
  • 2700: Available for Adoption
  • Bridge: Available for Adoption

Sutherland Avenue

  • Central to Park: Ellen Nylen
  • Park to Broadway: Available for Adoption
  • Broadway to College: Available for Adoption

Fall Creek Trail

  • Pennsylvania to Talbott: Available for Adoption
  • Talbott to Delaware: Available for Adoption
  • Delaware to Alabama: Available for Adoption
  • Alabama to New Jersey: Julie Wafford
  • New Jersey to Central: Nathan Rich