The Fall Creek Place Homeowners' Association is an incorporated entity established and governed by the Fall Creek Place Covenants.


Membership in the Homeowners' Association is mandatory for all properties to which the HOA Covenants are attached, which includes all property that was an "official" part of the City of Indianapolis' Fall Creek Place development.  Membership is currently limited to these properties because legally every member must conform to the HOA covenants and design guidelines.  The HOA Board is currently pursuing ways to allow others to join without having to immediately conform to such design guidelines, which in many cases would be inappropriate or cost-prohibitive. 


Dues for 2019 are $175 per household.  Dues pay for maintenance, taxes and insurance for neighborhood parks, general insurance, public lighting in the neighborhood, and general administrative costs. 

Services Provided by the HOA

  • Ownership, maintenance and insurance coverage of four neighborhood parks (23rd/Alabama, 25th/Alabama, Sutherland/Central, 23rd/Broadway)

  • Public lighting along all major streets and all intersections

  • Neighborhood website

  • Hosts annual neighborhood meetings to gather community input

  • Provides "voice" for neighborhood to elected representatives, city officials and zoning/development petitions.

  • Enforces covenants and design guidelines to promote property values

  • Social events, such as a neighborhood garage sale, neighborhood cleanups, block parties and a book club to foster a sense of community among neighbors

  • Crimewatch program that organizes block clubs and works closely with IMPD to address crime and safety concerns

  • Organizes volunteers to maintain city- and neighborhood-owned public facilities like gateway monuments and parks.

HOA Board of Directors

The HOA is governed by seven elected representatives that serve staggered three-year terms.  Every HOA household in good standing is entitled to one vote for each open board position at the annual meeting in November.  Any member in good standing is eligible to serve on the HOA Board.  Board positions are all voluntary and receive no compensation.

2019 BOarD of Directors

  • President - Rob Lime

  • Vice President - Jake Nelson

  • Secretary - Laura Booram

  • Treasurer - Crystian Alatorre

  • At Large - Roy Shawhan

  • At Large - Johnny Walker

  • At Large -

Previous board members

Board Meetings

The HOA Board meets monthly on the second Monday of each month at Shoefly Public House (Summer) or Mashcraft on Delaware (Fall/Winter), although this schedule is subject to changes.  Please consult the calendar on the website homepage for meeting dates, locations and email RSVP to  Board meetings are open for public viewing, and if time allows the Board may accommodate public comment.  The Board also sponsors occasional open neighborhood meetings to gather public comment.

HOA Committee/Project Leadership

  • Crimewatch Chair: Tim Shaffer

  • Design Review Chair: Bart Gander

  • Maintenance Chair: Kenneth Hall

  • Newsletter Chair: Matt Guay

  • Land Use Chair: Chris Corr

  • Website Administrator: Kara Hieser

  • Social Committee Chair: Kara Hieser & Dani Borns

  • Education Committee Chair: Jessica Trimble & Ashley Bergin