2019 ASSESSMENTS: Due May 31, 2019

2019-2020 HOA Assessments are due on or before MAY 31, 2019. You may make your payment online here. Otherwise, please mail your payment to: Fall Creek Place HOA, PO Box 44219, Indianapolis, IN 46244. Make your payment payable to Fall Creek Place HOA.

Dues payments are due May 31 each year for the following June 1 - May 31 period.  For assessments payable May 31, 2019, the Board of Directors, as part of the budget, has approved a $25 credit for all homeowners current with payments through 2018.  Please refer to your assessment mailed to you.  Please note that invoices for 2019 assessments due may not include past due amounts. If you have any questions, please email to C2 Services, LLC at fallcreekplace@gmail.com