Spring Neighborhood Cleanup - April 7th!

PLEASE join your neighbors to clean up our fantastic neighborhood. This makes a huge difference when the trees start blooming. Winter seems to bring a lot of trash! Fantastic prizes donated by our awesome Business Collective!


When is it?  The clean-up is on Saturday, April 7, from 9 a.m. to noon. 

Where do we meet?  Craigs Kids Park at 23rd and Alabama. 

Do I need tools?  No.  Shovels, rakes, trash bags, and gloves are all provided. 

Do I need to be part of the HOA to participate?  Absolutely not.  The HOA helps organize the event, but all neighbors are welcome and needed. 

Will I have to carry heavy trash bags?  No.  We will have a truck driving around the neighborhood to pick up and consolidate the trash bags, so you just need to fill the bags and leave them at the curb. 

What needs cleaned?  Well, just about everything.  Scraping leaves and dirt from curbs and clearing gutters is always an area of focus.  Public spaces, such as under the bridge along the Fall Creek Trail, as well as a few abandoned lots that collect trash and dumping are also areas of focus. 

Anything else to motivate me besides a sense of self-satisfaction and quality time with neighbors?  Yes!  Shoefly will host a free cookout after the clean-up for volunteers.  Also, free coffee, water, doughnuts, and door prizes (t-shirts, yoga passes, etc) and beer will be provided by the Fall Creek Business Collective and HOA.