March Update

Diana Robertson Leads Award Winning Lilly Day of Service Project

Neighbor Diana Robertson lives on the 2400 block of New Jersey and works for Lilly Diabetes.  Last October she led a service project that benefited Indianapolis Animal CARE and Control.  A video from that project was entered into the 2015 Super Service Challenge and won $3,000 courtesy of the Drew Brees Foundation.  We caught up with Diana to ask her about the project and how Fall Creek Place Residents can get involved.

Fall Creek Place Newsletter: Tell us about the Lilly Day of Service Project

Diana: The Lilly Day of Service (DOS) is an annual event that took place October 1.  I assembled 150 of my colleagues at Eli Lilly and Elanco Animal Health to give the under-funded/under-staffed Indianapolis Animal CARE and Control (IACC) a much needed makeover. 

Fall Creek Place Newsletter:  Who else was involved and what kind of work did you do?

Diana:  With the help of a generous donation from the Friends of Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Foundation (FIACCFI) (a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Indy’s shelter animals) along with Sherwin Williams Paints, Sign Craft Industries, Artist Susan Kline, and the Eli Lilly DOS volunteers, together we: 

  • painted two fun colorful murals on the exterior,
  • painted LOTS of chain link fencing,
  • added several outdoor play areas with benches and play equipment for dogs,
  • painted several interior rooms including 3 cat rooms and the employee/volunteer break room,
  • added an outdoor shelter for employees/volunteers in the back of the property,
  • socialized cats and gave them TLC,
  • and general clean-up giving the facility and grounds a facelift. 

The “Homeward Bound” mural image was transferred onto t-shirts.  We also incorporated the IACC Chief’s vision of branding CARE in the IACC name (Caring for Animals Responsibly and Ethically) and it’s painted prominently on the visitors parking lot side of the building.  We compiled a video of volunteers stating “Why You Served” and submitted it to the Super Service Challenge contest.  It won $3,000 for the FIACCFI and they will use it to purchase an X-ray machine to diagnose trauma in shelter animals. 

Fall Creek Newsletter:  How can Fall Creek Place residents get involved?

Diana:  IACC always needs volunteers.  Anyone can volunteer individually and it’s a great place for a team-building activity for groups.  Even children can volunteer with their parents.  Who doesn’t love to play with dogs or love on cats?  And there are many other things that can be done at IACC that is always appreciated by this under-staffed organization.  Contact Diana Robertson at or 317.923.4598 for guidance on how to get involved and make life better for shelter animals.  It’s a wonderful way to give back to animals and the community.  If you can’t volunteer, consider donating to FIACCFI (

Crime Watch Block Captains

With spring upon us, Fall Creek Place will once again come to life with active neighbors and visitors. Residents are reminded to keep their eyes open for suspicious behavior or anything that looks out of the ordinary and to report these things to the police.  We also encourage neighbors to volunteer to organize Crimewatch Blocks.  For more information, please contact  All neighbors can help keep Fall Creek Place a safer place by following these 2 tips and action steps for crime prevention.

  1. Use Outdoor Lights Regularly – Your exterior lights reduce crime.  Keep your exterior lights on at night and make sure they are working properly.  Motion-activated lights are especially helpful as they draw attention to any movement.  If your front pole light is out, often times it needs the GFI outlet reset or the bulb replaced.  If the problem is the dusk until dawn sensor is broken and you need help replacing it, please contact  Also, it is important to call IPL at 317.261.8111 to report street light that are out.
  2. Bring Garbage and Recycling Cans Inside – Garbage cans left in alleys provide leverage to criminals.  Bringing them inside your garage or fence weekly after trash pickup can prevent criminals from using them as a step stool to climb a fence or as a storage place for stolen items.  It also helps keep the alley looking clean and free of trash by preventing people from rummaging through you garbage.

Fall Creek Place Foundation Selling NAP Credits

The Fall Creek Place Foundation received a Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) grant from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority. We still have $1,760.00 in Indiana tax credits for sale to raise money to improve the park at 23rd/Alabama. For every $200 donated to Fall Creek Place Foundation, the donor receives a $100 tax credit toward 2016 Indiana tax liability. 

John Doe owes Indiana Department of Revenue $1000 for 2016. Mr. Doe donates $400 to Fall Creek Place Foundation through the NAP grant. Mr. Doe will get a $200 tax credit and now only has to pay Indiana $1000 - $200 = $800 for 2016. 

If you are interested in purchasing a NAP tax credit contact me at  Donations will be processed on a first come, first served basis

Upcoming Calendar

  • March 11th – Recycling Pickup Day
  • March 12th – HOA Board Meeting - 10AM at Monon Coffee
  • March 17th – Saint Patrick’s Day
  • March 24th – Heavy Trash Pickup Day
  • March 25th – Recycling Pickup Day