April Update

Get involved in the neighborhood

Along with the Home Owners Association Board of Directors, volunteers from the neighborhood play a key role by serving on HOA committees.  These committees serve a wide variety of functions.  If you are interested in volunteering your time and efforts, please contact fallcreekplace@gmail.com or each committee individually.

Fall Creek Place Committees

  • Land Use Committee – The Land Use Committee acts as a representative of the neighborhood when new land uses are proposed.  Our primary goal is to help shape new developments so that they benefit existing residents and conform to long-term planning goals for the neighborhood.  A secondary goal of the Land Use Committee is to help advertise land use opportunities within the neighborhood. Committee Chairperson: Chris Corr.  Committee Contact: landuse.fcp@gmail.com
  • Crime Watch Committee – The Fall Creek Place Crimewatch Committee strives to maintain a safe neighborhood for all residents. The committee is made up of individual block clubs as well as other interested neighbors, and participants need not be members of the Fall Creek Place HOA to participate. The committee tracks crime statistics, works with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and other city agencies to address problems, provides information to members and to the neighborhood about crime activities and prevention and seeks to build relationships between neighbors. Crimewatch members share information through a secure list-serv email group restricted to members.  Committee Contact: safety.fcp@gmail.com
  • Maintenance Committee – Fall Creek Place has one of the most complete investments of public garden infrastructure in the city.  This "garden district" includes obvious large-scale elements like our gateway monuments and public parks, but also includes our unique planted "bump-outs" along our major streets as well as the decorative paving at many pedestrian intersections.  It is up to neighborhood residents to maintain these unique elements that help define our neighborhood's character. Committee Chairperson: Heather Roemer Committee Contact: maintenance.fcp@gmail.com
  • Design Review Committee - The Fall Creek Place Design Review Committee strives to protect our investment and neighborhood character by ensuring compliance with the Fall Creek Place Design Guidelines.  The Committee is established by the Fall Creek Place Covenants and is charged with reviewing all exterior changes to HOA-member homes and yards. Committee Chairperson: Bart Gander. Committee Contact: fallcreekplace@gmail.com
  • Fall Creek Foundation - The Fall Creek Place Foundation serves to enhance the quality of life of all neighbors.  Our mission is to create a better sense of community among Fall Creek Place residents by developing and improving public spaces.  The vision of the Foundation is to be a force of inclusion, bringing together neighbors from all walks of life, by creating unique spaces and experiences.  The FCP Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit and is the official fundraising arm of the HOA. Your donation will help improve our neighborhood!  We are always looking for volunteers interested in helping us create a better sense of community. Please feel free to contact us here: fallcreekplacefoundation@gmail.com
  • Newsletter Committee – We are always looking for content suggestions, feature stories, news or notes, and photographs to include in the Urban Times newsletter.  If you have and ideas, please contact fallcreekplace@gmail.com. Post a message to the Fall Creek Place Facebook page - www.facebook.com/FallCreekPlace and Fall Creek Place on Instagram.

Fall Creek Place Parents Group

Interested in meeting other families with kids in Fall Creek Place? Like the Fall Creek Place Parents Group Facebook page to share information relevant to families with children and to get to know one another. Find the group at www.facebook.com/groups/FCP.parents.

Upcoming Calendar

  • February 23 – Recycling Pickup Day
  • March 12 – HOA Board of Directors Meeting
  • – Heavy Trash Pickup Day
  • March 9– Recycling Pickup Day